Friday, June 8, 2012

Rick Pendland, Former Youthville Employee and Foster Parent Goes To Trial For Raping Foster Children

Friday, June 8, 2012
"A former Arkansas City middle school teacher charged with child sex crimes will go to trial.
Noble "Rick" Pendland, 46, was arrested in September on charges of aggravated criminal sodomy and aggravated indecent liberties with a child. Those alleged incidents happened in the summer of 2010.
At Friday's hearing, Judge James Pringle heard from the five alleged victims and other witnesses. The boys, all under the age of 14, say they were sexually abused by Pendland in his home in Arkansas City. Some of the alleged victims lived with Pendland as foster children while others are friends of the family.
Judge Pringle determined there was enough evidence for Pendland to go to trial. Pendland's arraignment is scheduled for June 21."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Sedgwick County Witch Hunt For Cecillia Aarnold

Cecillia Aarold will have a Jury Trial tomorrow, May 21, 2012, at the Sedgwick County Court House, 9th Floor at 9:00 AM
Cecillia Aarnold needs court watchers to attend. The charge is two counts of interference with parental custody. This is a one day trial and Cecillia will be found either guilty or not guilty. If found guilty the sentence is approximately 2 years in prison.
Cecillia's parental rights were wrongfully terminated by the Sedgwick County DA. After the termination, Cecillia accidentally ran into her daughter at school. The Sedgwick County DA was notified and is now charging Cecillia with parental interference. This is the same DA that fails to prosecute child rapists and gives them probation so they can go rape other children. Just this last week, a local babysitter, 33 years old, duct taped the mouth and hands of an 18 month old child and was given probation. Local photographer, Henry Nelson, raped a child and the DA decided to make a plea deal and gave him probation in exchange for his computer... Protective parent's rights are being terminated by this DA when they report their child is being abused.
I really admire Cecillia... the DA wanted a guilty plea and offered her probation. Cecillia refused the probation as her parental rights were terminatd wrongfully, running into her children and saying hello shouldn't be a crime, and if there is any punishment to be had (which there isn't)..Cecillia has already suffered through this whole ordeal.
The Sedgwick County DA has wasted our tax dollars prosectuting Cecillia Aarnold. It's been a crazy witch hunt, including going all the way to Texas to extradite Cecillia back to Wichita where she spent 12 days in the Sedgwick County jail. Reminds me of the homeless man who stole a $2 hotdog and sat in jail a couple months waiting for his trial . Wasted Tax Dollars!
The Kansas WatchDog has been covering Cecillia's story, you can read the history here and watch the videos.
If you can make it to court tomorrow, please contact Cecillia by phone and email.
Phone 817-797-7588

Friday, May 18, 2012

FY2012 Sedgwick County Has Filed 370 CINC Cases YET the State Shows 327 Children Removed

For FY2012 through March 31, 2012, The Sedgwick County DA has filed 370 CINC Cases YET the State only shows 327 children in Sedgwick County were removed.
Where are the 43 missing children?  Maybe the State would like to say this is another typo by the State like the toddlers that were taken from their parent's custody for truancy two years in a row.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Karen Williams VS Cheryl Powers And Judicial Corruption

Fight for Daughter Could Change Law in Kansas

Posted on: 6:18 pm, May 15, 2012, by Tess Koppelman,

Topeka, Kan. — A mother said her daughter was taken away from her and she’s never been allowed her day in court to fight for her child. The woman’s story has now inspired lawmakers to look into what they can do to change the system.
Karen Williams finally had a day in court Tuesday, but it wasn’t the custody hearing she had hoped for. She went to the Kansas Appellate Court arguing that her constitutional rights were violated when a Douglas County judge removed her daughter from her custody all based on the word of a court appointed case manager. The case manager suggested to the judge that there was “probable abuse.”
“She’s never had to give any facts to back up these allegations,” says Williams, “and all I’m asking for is the right to come to court and defend myself.”
Williams and her husband say what’s actually going on is that they questioned the case manager.
“Anyone who challenges her she’s going to retaliate,” Williams says.
Her new husband Stan Williams agrees, adding that the case manager isn’t neutral, but instead, she “picks sides.”
“I’m not the only person out here who has experienced this,” Karen Williams adds, “case managers have no governing body, no one is looking over their shoulder except for the judge who put them there.”
Williams story has inspired some law makers to investigate the problem. Kansas Representative Joe Patton (R-Topeka) wants to change the law to require educational standards for case managers, and he wants judges to be required to have a hearing if there’s a dispute over child custody, instead of just signing off on case manager’s recommendations.
“It was never the legislatures intent to deny parties a hearing, especially involving children,” Rep Patton says, “so if one party or the other requests a hearing they should get that hearing.”
“I’m very excited the legislature is getting involved and are recognizing this is a serious problem,” says Williams.
Williams hopes a law change will help in the future but right now her focus is still on her own daughter.
“And I’m hopeful that its going to turn around here and we’ll get our day in court,” Williams says, “that’s what we wanted.”
Representative Patton says his bills were introduced so late in the legislative session there may not be enough time to get it passed now. But if he has to introduce it again next session he thinks it ought to pass pretty easily.


Mother speaks on case management bill

Posted: May 15, 2012 - 1:56pm

A mother fighting a Douglas County case manager's decision to severely restrict her contact with her daughter called a related bill passed by the Legislature this week "a great first step" but said more should be done to protect parents' rights.
Karen Williams previously had full custody of her daughter before a case manager appointed by the court to work with her and her ex-husband decided to limit her to one or two hours a week of supervised visitation at a Lawrence facility called The Farm. Williams stopped by the Statehouse on Tuesday after her case was heard in Alma by the Kansas Court of Appeals.
Williams says her rights to due process were violated when the judge allowed the new custody arrangement without giving Williams a full hearing to respond to any evidence for the case manager's decision.
"I still have parental rights, supposedly, but effectively I've been stripped of them," Williams said.
Williams has said that she is only asking for her "day in court" rather than allowing custody matters to be decided based on confidential conversations between judges and the case managers they have appointed.
"I think the biggest piece is the oversight," Williams said. "Case management needs more oversight — someone they're accountable to."
The measure passed by the Legislature, Senate Bill 304, seeks to establish that, to some degree. It requires that case managers carry some sort of professional license in areas like law, social work or psychology so they will have a licensing board to which parents can address complaints. Williams' case manager, Cheryl Powers, let her social work license lapse and is currently unlicensed.
The bill, the bulk of which pertains to domestic violence rather than case management, passed 116-0 in the House and 35-1 in the Senate with Sen. Terrie Huntington, R-Fairway, the only dissenter.
But before the bill passed, another exception was added to the list of who qualified to be a case manager — "a court services officer and have training in domestic relations cases as prescribed by the district court in which the case is filed."
That provision, which allows individual counties more flexibility, disappointed Williams' current husband, Stan Williams.
"(Case management) still needs more oversight, I think," he said.
Rep. Joe Patton, R-Topeka, has expressed a desire to push for stronger reforms of case management to ensure that parents who object to case manager recommendations are entitled to full evidentiary hearings.
But other legislators have advocated waiting to see what the appeals court does with Williams' case.
Andy Marso can be reached at (785) 233-7470 or mailto:andy.marso@cjonline.comFollow Andy on Twitter @andymarso.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Judicial Ethics? Kansas Judicial Opinion Approves CINC Judges To Be Resource Placement In Same District

The Supreme Court of Kansas
Kansas Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinion Filed March 14, 2012 has decided that Judges involved with CINC cases in the same district or county can now foster your children and unless you object, your children can and will be placed in the home of a Judge. Oh there is one little catch which really doesn't mean anything. The Judge can still be on the CINC docket to handle those cases but must be listed in a different division such as traffic, criminal, family, etc...

The Kansas Judge and His Spouse, The Resource Placement For Kansas Kids::::
A Kansas district Judge and his spouse are a licensed foster care resource placement. This judge routinely handles CINC cases in his district. The judge and his spouse recently received placement of a child who resided within the same judicial district. The parent's attorney objected to this placement. The judge and the judge's spouse consented in the removal of the child from their home. 
The Kansas Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinion decided the following:
"We see nothing inappropriate or unethical for a district judge and the judge's spouse in a multi-judge district to provide licensed foster parent services to a child, providing the case is pending in another judge's division.
Our opinion in not changed even if the judge handles a portion of the CINC docket, providing the case is pending in another judge's division.
The judge handling the case does not have to automatically recuse without a valid request from an interested party if the CINC case involves a child who has been placed with a judge and the judge's spouse."

 Does this opinion sound like it is promoting confidence in the Judiciary???

Here is the opinion:

or read here:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Child Rapists Are Walking Free In Kansas

In Sedgwick County the DA's office is filing false petitions against parents that report their children are being sexually abused. The DA's office places those children in foster care where they are at risk of  further abuse by strangers, then the DA works to give sole custody to the child's rapist.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thirty-five Kansas Sentors Voted Against Children's Rights

March 20, 2012

Today, thirty-five Kansas Senators voted against accountability, children's rights, the protection of children, due process, Kansas statutes, the family heritage/traditions, and the constitutional right to be a parent. Phyllis Gilmore, as the former Executive Director of the KS BSRB and the board members,
denied parents and family members their complaints, made on behalf of their children and grandchildren, against licensed social workers by dismissing them due to "lack of jurisdiction".  By Kansas law, Gilmore and the board which she oversaw didn't have the option to refuse any complaint of a licensed worker. 
Gilmore is now the new Secretary of SRS over Social Services/CPS/Foster Care.

The Kansas Senators that voted "Yeas" for Gilmore
need to be voted out of office.

Appointment today confirmed by the following:
By the Governor
On the appointment to the:
Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services:
          Phyllis Gilmore, term expires At the pleasure of the governor
          On roll call, the vote was: Yeas 35; Nays 0; Present and Passing 5; Absent or Not Voting 0.
          Yeas: Abrams, Apple, Bruce, Brungardt, Donovan, Emler, Faust-Goudeau, Francisco, Haley, Hensley, Holland, Huntington, Kelsey, King, Longbine, Love, Lynn, Marshall, Masterson, McGinn, Merrick, Morris, Olson, Ostmeyer, Owens, Pilcher-Cook, Pyle, A. Schmidt, V. Schmidt, Steineger, Taddiken, Teichman, Umbarger, Vratil, Wagle.
          Present and Passing: Kelly, Kultala, Petersen, Reitz, Schodorf.
          The appointment was confirmed.

Monday, March 12, 2012

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley discusses domestic trafficking of foster youth

Uploaded by on Mar 8, 2012
U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley discusses domestic trafficking of foster youth at the third event in a Speakers' Series of the Senate Caucus on Foster Youth. Grassley is a co-founder of the Senate Caucus on Foster Youth.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Say "NO" To Gilmore

Many citizens have written all of the Kansas Senators expressing dissatisfaction of how Phyllis Gilmore refused to investigate complaints made against licensed social workers and requested that Gilmore not be confirmed as the next Secretary of SRS. Many families, under Gilmore's watch as the Executive Director of the KS BSRB, were told their complaints would not be investigated "due to lack of jurisdiction".

The latest today in the Kansas Health Institute article, regarding the families concerns and letters to the Senators, Gilmore said the "complaints were misguided, noting that the decisions not to act on the complaints were not hers to make but were made by the board." 

Acting above the law, Gilmore's statement acknowledges that she and her board members chose to ignore allegations of abuse by licensed social workers.

Gilmore has proven that she isn't qualified to be the next Secretary of SRS. Not only did she fail as the Executive Director of the KS BSRB to monitor the board members to assure they followed policies, procedures, HIPPA and Kansas Statutes, Gilmore ignored her responsibilities to Kansas citizens as well. As Executive Director for 11 years, just how many cases were dismissed due to "lack of jurisdiction" under Gilmore's watch? This needs to be investigated.

The citizens' messages are clear, Gilmore's actions or rather FAILURE to act on behalf of Kansas citizens has been proven,
Just Say "NO" To Gilmore
as the next Secretary of SRS.
Here is the article:

That would be the newly appointed SRS Secretary Phyllis Gilmore if she is confirmed.
And the "Case of the Gilmore's" is not going to go away in a week or 2 months.
Here is some history on Phyllis Gilmore...As Executive Director for 11 years over the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board; Gilmore was responsible for monitoring Social Workers. During her time, many families reported Social Workers for not following policies and procedures, HIPPA Laws, and Kansas laws.. Phyllis Gilmore and her staff refused to investigate Social Workers claiming "no jurisdiction".
Gilmore and her cohorts were questioned in a closed meeting in March of 2008 about refusing to investigate these cases. You can read more about that here and watch the video. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

KS Court of Appeals Vacates the Criminal Contempt Charges by Nola Foulston and Judge James Burgess

The Kansas Court of Appeals found,
"If this is a criminal contempt, then the court failed to afford V.R. sufficient due process.
Interestingly, the State now contends that the contempt proceedings are to be regarded as criminal in nature and the district court properly imposed a punitive sanction for indirect criminal contempt. This change of position by the State cannot be ignored.
Even if we view this as a criminal contempt action, we must likewise vacate the sentence because the court failed to afford V.R. due process."

"Because the court gave the contemnor no way to purge herself of contempt, we hold that sentence to be wholly punitive. The court failed to give the contemnor "the keys to the jail." The court had no authority to impose a criminal contempt sentence in a civil contempt proceeding.
Therefore, we vacate the penalty."

Who jailed this mother without due process?

Sedgwick County Juvenile Judge James Burgess

Sedgwick County DA Nola Foulston

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Commission on Judicial Qualifications Complaint

Would it be a violation of Judicial Cannons for a Judge
to endorse a foster care contractor?

The complainant feels that the Judges personal endorsements violate the following rules:
Cannon 1, Page 6, paragraph B. “A judge shall not lend the prestige of judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others; nor shall a judge convey or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge.”Likewise, under Cannon 1, Page 6, last paragraph. “A judge must avoid lending the prestige of judicial office for the advancement of the private interests of others.”
Here is the complaint:
Taken from the Kansas Judicial Branch Website:
Judicial Complaint Procedure
Any person may file a complaint with the Commission. In addition to citizen complaints, the Commission may investigate matters of judicial misconduct on its own motion. Referrals are also made to the Commission through the Office of Judicial Administration and the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator.
A Complaint form may be obtained on this web site or may also be requested in writing, by telephone, or by e-mail.
To request a complaint packet, please contact:
Commission on Judicial Qualifications
Kansas Judicial Center
301 SW 10th Avenue, Room 374
Topeka, Kansas 66612
A complaint packet will be mailed to you or may be sent electronically upon request.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where is Adam Herrman? Doug Herrman is incarcerated at the Ellsworth Correctional Facility

Where is Adam Herrman? Adam is the 11-year-old adopted son who disappeared from Valerie and Doug Herrmans’ Towanda home in 1999. The Herrmans never reported him missing, yet they continued to accept state money for his care. Valerie Herrman was sentenced to 7 months in prison (only served 6 months) for theft of $15,488 in state adoption subsidies.

Valerie Herrman was released on Jan 27th, 2012.

Doug Herrman is still incarcerated at the Ellsworth Correctional Facility. Earliest possible release date is March 20, 2012. This date could be affected by the parole board decision or good time and/or program credit.  

Adam born Irvin Groeninger III on June 8th, 1987 in Wichita, KS, his bio mother and father’s parental rights were severed by the Sedgwick County DA’s office, Nola Foulston.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where's Adam Herrman? Valerie Herrman Was Released From Prison Jan 27, 2012

Where is Adam Herrman? Adam is the 11-year-old adopted son who disappeared from Valerie and Doug Herrmans’ Towanda home in 1999. The Herrmans never reported him missing, yet they continued to accept state money for his care. Valerie Herrman was sentenced to 7 months in prison (only served 6 months) for theft of $15,488 in state adoption subsidies.
Valerie Herrman was paroled on Jan 27th, 2012. Doug Herrman is still in prison. 
Adam born Irvin Groeninger III on June 8th, 1987 in Wichita, KS, his bio mother and father’s parental rights were severed by the Sedgwick County DA’s office, Nola Foulston.

Read more here:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dec 6th, 2011 Sue McKenna Retired from SRS Great News!

Kansas Assistant Director of Children and Family Services, Roberta Sue McKenna, participated in a panel discussion which included Kansas Attorney/Guardian Ad Litems, and Judges. This was titled "KTWU's Abused, Neglected, Protected: When Children Go to Court" which was produced by nonprofit Washburn University.
The discussion aired on KPTS Channel 8 on Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

Roberta Sue McKenna worked directly under Tanya Keys who was the Director of Children and Family Services.
Why is McKenna misleading the public on time spent in care and making foster care look like a walk in the park?

McKenna said, "64% go home within 12 months.. another substantial percentage go home in less than two years. So most of the children who are removed from their parents custody return to their parents custody.....
(Regarding time spent in care)...less than 12 months.. Just think, if we could all remember how long it took to get to Christmas. How much time there was between birthdays..."

FACTS: The number of Kansas children served in Out of Home Placement in FY2010 was 8,275
The number of Kansas children reunified in FY2010 was 1,720
The total percentage of children reunified in FY2010 was 20%...NOT 64% as McKenna said.

FACTS: Kansas children average length of time in care FY2010 was 19.4 months
Sedgwick County children average length of time in care FY2010 was 30.7 months

Monday, February 13, 2012

Colorado Mom Arranges Adoption Through Adoption Agency, Preadoptive Dad Abuses The Baby

PRATT - A 33-year-old man has been arrested by the Pratt Police on charges relating to injuries sustained by a 2-month-old child while in his care.

James I. Middleton is being held in the Pratt County Jail on two counts of aggravated battery. Bond has been set at $50,000.
The child, whose name is being withheld, was being adopted through a Colorado adoption agency after the birth mother contacted the Middleton family through an Internet ad.
Did the adoption agency even meet this person?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kansas is getting ready to have a "Case of the GILMORE'S"

Ever feel sick, got the flu and it lasts for a week?
Or maybe you have a nasty cold that turns into bronchitis.
Well that's NOTHING compared to what Kansas is getting ready to incur.
Kansas is getting ready to have a "Case of the GILMORE'S"
That would be the newly appointed SRS Secretary Phyllis Gilmore if she is confirmed.
And the "Case of the Gilmore's" is not going to go away in a week or 2 months.
Here is some history on Phyllis Gilmore...As Executive Director for 11 years over the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board, Gilmore was responsible for monitoring Social Workers. During her time, many families reported Social Workers for not following policies and procedures, HIPPA Laws, and Kansas laws.. Phyllis Gilmore and her staff refused to investigate Social Workers claiming "no jurisdiction".
Gilmore and her cohorts were questioned in a closed meeting in March of 2008 about refusing to investigate these cases. You can read more about that here and watch the video. 
The Senate Confirmation Oversight Committee will debate whether to recommend the appointment to the full Senate, which will probably vote on Gilmore’s appointment within about a month. It is IMPERATIVE that everyone contact every Senator in Kansas ASAP to recommend that Gilmore NOT be approved for this position.
Don't get a "Case of the GiLMORE'S"... write all Kansas Senators to ask that Phyllis Gilmore NOT BE CONFIRMED as the next SRS Secretary of SRS.  Pass this on!
HERE is a list of all Kansas Senators

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Broken Arm, By Matthew Brown (9nth grade essay, a few years ago)

This is the brother of the eight year old girl who was interrogated in Reno County. 
Matthew wrote, "After that terrible, terrible February 11th, we had been in foster care for three days before we were finally allowed to see our parents. They had won their case ( but at the cost of my mom losing her business ). I remember sitting in my fathers lap, as watching him cry for the veryfirst time. I could tell how happy my parents were to see us again, and I knew that they loved me. This had been one of the saddest and hardest times of my life. I don’t think that I will ever forget that moment"

Friday, February 3, 2012

Phyllis Gilmore, Secretary Of SRS/CPS Is A Social Worker

Phyllis Gilmore was the Executive Director of the KSBSRB, Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board for the past 11 years. The board was established in 1980 to license and regulate psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, master level psychologists, marriage and family therapists and addiction counselors.

If the KSBSRB receives a report of alleged violation of one of their licensed workers, the board makes a jurisdictional determination on whether or not to investigate which must meet two criteria.

1. "The complaint pertains to a profession or scope of practice regulated by the board".
2. "The complaint alleges facts constituting noncompliance with, or violations of the rules, regulations, and/or Statutes, and/or Board ordered conditions governing the practice or conduct of the professional on whom the report is being filed".

See the link here for the Investigation Policies and Procedures, KSBSRB March 2006

The December 11, 2006, Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board Complaint Review Committee Minutes show that there were several cases where the committee determined "lack of jurisdiction". One of the cases included a child in SRS custody and the complaint was dismissed due to "lack of jurisdiction". There was also a complaint that a licensed social worker violated the confidentiality of adoptive parents.
NOTE, Several complaints have been made against Social Workers and those have been

See this link for the Dec. 11, 2006 KSBSRB Committee Minutes

On March 18, 2008, in a closed meeting Phyllis Gilmore and Roger Skurlock were questioned about these cases that they refused to investigate which were noted on the Dec 11, 2006 meeting notes. During the meeting Gilmore and Skurlock claimed they investigate ALL allegations, but that isn't the case.
Here is a clip from that meeting. Turn up your speakers, parts of the conversation are transcribed and you can read it. I would start at 1:00 minute into the video and at 1:35 you can read and hear the questioning of these cases:

No Surprise Here: "Her (Gilmore's) private sector experience is primarily within the areas of adoption and health care."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grandfather fights for rights in Topeka - kwch Channel 12

Feb 1, 2012, Wendell Turner was wise enough to know that Rick Pendland wasn't a good placement for his grandchildren. That was before Pendland was arrested for multiple child molestation chareges. Foster placement Youthville, run by CEO Shelley Duncan had employed Rick Pendland and sponsored Pendland as a foster placement for children. If Youthville can't recognize a child abuser, and they are contracted with the State of Kansa to make sure children are protected and safe, WHY does Youthville still have a contract?
Grandfather fights for rights in Topeka - kwch Channel 12

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boy stabbed with nail at the Wichita Children's Home

WICHITA — A 17-year-old boy was taken to Wesley Medical Center in serious condition this afternoon after he was stabbed with a nail in the chest at the Wichita Children’s Home.
Emergency dispatchers said Wichita police were called to the home shortly after 2:30 p.m. and found the boy with a nail impaled in his upper chest. The injury was not considered to be life-threatening, dispatchers said.
Teen Impaled In Chest With Nail
When officers arrived at the scene they found the teen walking down the street with the nail sticking out of the left side of his chest.
A teenager was hospitalized with serious injuries after he was found with a large nail impaled in his chest. Wichita police say the 17-year-old boy was found in the 800 block of North Holyoke Street around 2:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.
When officers arrived at the scene they found the teen walking down the street with the nail sticking out of the left side of his chest. Officials say the victim was uncooperative and would not tell police what happened.
He was taken to a nearby hospital in serious condition. The incident is under investigation.

Monday, January 16, 2012

US Attorney General Barry Grissom Called To Account By Donna Roberts, ACRA, A Childs Rights Association Article Today:
U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom adopts active, aggressive approach to fighting crime
Read more here:

Donna Roberts, ACRA, A Childs Rights Association, Advocate responded with a comment on this article:

Donna's Post:

I personally spoke to Mr Grissom last year on the telephone, I expressed my concerns for children who have been sexually abused and the abuse covered up by the child protection system, no protection and no justice for these children. What really concerned me is when he said it was a "State Issue" I understand many things are, but the sexual abuse of a child is also a Federal Crime under the Adam Walsh's Act.
His other response to me was that they have saved thousands of children, like its ok that we fail one child, that this one child's life is not as important because they save thousands, tell this to the children who are suffering today because of the cover up within our own state.
Every child should be protected and if the state is failing to do so then our US Attorney should have some power to ensure these children are protected and get justice. Just because a parent is the child molester should not make the crime any less heinous than if it was a stranger. In fact it is worse, because most stranger crimes are committed one time to the victim and in cases of children being forced to live with sexual abuse the crime is being committed on a daily basis. Children who live in these homes have no escape, they are held prisoner by our own government entities, they are held prisoner and abused and this is a crime in itself, it is a clear violation of Human Rights, Victim Rights and a Violation to their constitutional rights to protection.
All across this Nation and right here in Wichita/Sedgwick County Kansas, Judges and individuals involved in the child protection system betray molested children seeking protection from an abusive parent by putting them in the hands of their molester/abuser.
I have all the evidence to back everything I write, the problem is that no one is willing to look at the evidence instead they are sacrificing the lives of children and turning a blind eye to the sexual and physical abuse. What good is it to have law enforcement and child protective services, judges, district attorney's ect when the laws are NOT being enforced and when a child has to live their whole childhood sexually and physically abused because the system protected the child molester? I am so disgusted with our child protection system in Kansas, I am a mother who's daughter fell victim to a sexual perp when she was only 5 years old, my daughter was raped, kidnapped, sexually exploited, drugged and more. Sure this perp was prosecuted, sure he is prison today, and as Mr. Grissom said,"the system worked in my daughters case".
So once again, since it worked in my daughters case it excuses the wrong in these other children's cases? Mr. Grissom, why didn't you even take the time to look at the evidence I have of wrong doing in cases of child sexual abuse? Why isn't the life of these children worth a few minutes of your time? One thing we all have to remember, these children will not stay children then they will speak out and they will tell of how our child protection system in Kansas failed to protect them.
Taking children from an NON-ABUSIVE home where the children have at least one parent who tried to protect them and then the system turn around and take the child/children and give SOLE CUSTODY to the child molester/abuser, what kind of system does this? Corrupt system, people who work together to protect the abuser and silence the victim.
I have been speaking out on this issue for 6 years and will continue to do so until someone listens, these children have been re-victimized by a system that covers up the sexual and physical abuse of children.
I have a law that will be presented this year, it is called the "Kansas Protective Parent Reform Act", this is just the beginning of what needs to be done to truly protect children who are victims of intra-familial abuse.
The bottom line is what is happening in the Penn State case is happening right here in our own backyards, the only difference is that its the professionals involved in these cases who are doing the cover up and of course when you try and get help there is no help for these children, everyone wants to look the other way, turn a blind eye because how in the world would professionals do such a thing? Well, they do, and I have the evidence to back every word I say.
If you are a parent who has children who have not been protected email at my name is Donna Roberts/Founder of ACRA-A Child's Rights Association, child activist.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lawrence, KS man hired to help Kansas children has been charged with sex crimes

Lawrence, KS man hired to help Kansas children has been charged with sex crimes, these crimes are against children that were placed by the court system in emergency care 
LAWRENCE, Kan. — A man who worked with troubled and homeless teens has been charged with sex crimes against two of the teens he was supposed to help.
Kirk Ferguson, 46, faces three charges including aggravated and indecent liberties with a child and criminal sodomy. According to police documents, the alleged crimes took place starting in October, when he was working at the Shelter, Inc. in Lawrence.
The shelter’s director, Judy Culley, told FOX 4 that Ferguson has been suspended from the organization.
The Kansas Attorney General’s office is handling the case, and at their request a judge on Thursday sealed almost all of the details in the case.
Loring Henderson, director of the Lawrence Community Shelter – which houses homeless families and is located just down the street from Shelter, Inc. – told FOX 4 that all agencies take precautions to ensure the safety of their workers and clients.
“We’re like all agencies that work with children, you try to make sure that you’ve done everything you can to be as thorough in your procedures to protect children who are present in your programs,” said Henderson, who says that while the charges are tragic, it’s important for the public to remember all the good these agencies provide. “I think that the general public understands that agencies certainly try and no one wants this kind of thing to occur.”
Henderson says that he did not know Ferguson and did not want to comment on the allegations, but he says that he has nothing but good things to say about Shelter, Inc., which has been providing services for children and families in Lawrence since 1981.
“I can say they’ve done tremendous good over the years they’ve been here for years serving the community of Lawrence and doing terrific programs,” said Henderson.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Glen Burdue, "Even one child needlessly traumatized or abused while in the SRS system is too many"

Jan. 3, 2012, Glen Burdue spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation.
Glen asked the legislators for their support to provide new legislation to provide statistics and identify problems with child protective services.
Glen Burdue, "Even one child needlessly traumatized or abused while in the SRS system is too many". 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Protective Parent Valerie, "Children turned over to their sexual abuser, their father"

Jan 3, 2012, Protective Parent Valerie spoke on the wrongful removal of her children and how the state gave custody of her children to their abuser. Wichita Children's Home reported three times to EMCU and SRS that the children were being abused. The system has reinforced and helped the abuser retain custody of the children. Valerie's parental rights were severed for reporting what her children told her and professionals.

Marlene Jones, Penn State Sandusky Scandal Has Nothing On Sedgwick County

Jan. 3, 2012, Marlene Jones spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation.
Marlene has been coming to the legislative forums for several years and speaking on the wrongful removal and failure to reunify the children with the parent.
Last year the citizens were told there was going to be a new committee to address these issues and that didn't happen.
Marlene requested that the legislators support and cosponser the protective parent act that will be reintroduced this year as protective parents are losing custody of their children after reporting abuse.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Donna Roberts, The Shameful Secret In Our Own Backyard, Sexual Abuse Of Children In Sedgwick County

Jan. 3, 2012, Donna Roberts, ACRA, A Childs Rights Association, spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation.
Donna Roberts' concern is regarding the sexual abuse of children in Sedgwick County and the coverup by professionals, law enforcement, SRS, therapists, and how the Judges are failing these children. Donna said that Kansas needs a major investigation by the feds and the people who have covered up the abuse of these children need to be prosecuted.
The bottom line is that sexual abuse is a crime and it is being covered up in Sedgwick County.

Protective Parent Larry, lost custody of his child in Sedgwick County, KS

Jan. 3, 2012. Larry spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation.
Larry lost custody of his daughter after reporting that his child was being abused. Larry tried to file a motion in Sedgwick County Juvenile Court to be heard and was denied.
The real question is why aren't children being protected in Sedgwick County? Why is the Sedgwick County DA's office filing false petitions against protective parents to remove children from from their custody and then recommend that those children be placed in the homes of their abusers?

Wendell Turner had to make a lot of noise at Youthville to protect his grandchildren from Pendland

Rick Pendland who worked for Youthville was also a sponsored foster parent, former school teacher and he worked at the Wichita Children's Home. Pendland, who now sits in the Cowley County Jail for allegedly raping multiple children, wanted to be the foster placement for Wendell Turner's grandchildren.

Wendell Turner had to make a lot of noise with Youthville to keep his grandson's from being placed in Rick Pendland's home.
Wendell Turner spoke Jan. 3, 2012 before the South Central Legislative Delegation:

Pendland hasn't been the only individual that has raped children under Youthville's watch. This is what Youthville calls "Giving children back their childhood":

Year 2011, Who's watching the children in Youthville's facilities? Man was charged with having sexual relations with one of the children.
Marshall allegedly had sex with a 17-year-old Youthville client several times between Oct. 16, 2009, and Jan. 14, 2010, Ford County Sheriff's investigator George Brown told the Globe. Marshall was not an employee of Youthville, but he was working at the agency's Dodge City campus at the time.

It's very concerning that children are not being protected and they are being placed in the homes of pedophiles by Youthville, the Sedgwick County DA's office and the Juvenile Judges. Protective parents in Sedgwick County have not only lost custody of their children but had their parental rights terminated after reporting the sexual abuse of their children.

Year 2009, Reported by the Kansas WatchDog here are a couple stories of parents who lost custody of their children after reporting that their children were being abused.

Year 2004, Another Youthville employee charged with sex crimes. 
KS SRS contractor admits to underage sex
By Chris Strunk Newton Kansan
A former United Methodist Youthville employee has been charged in
Harvey County District Court with sex crimes against three former
residents of the Youthville campus in Newton.

Year 2000, Youthville, Foster dad charged with 2-year-old’s death By The Associated Press Associated Press  December 7, 2000 Social workers regularly visited the Johnson home and found no indication that anything was wrong, said Jane Alleva, an official with United Methodist Youthville, which sponsored the Johnsons as licensed foster parents.... The autopsy indicated that Niccol suffered significant internal bleeding and injury in her abdomen.

Kansas has a history of endangering children:

The recent legislative audit, dated July 2011,showed that a father who was convicted of child endangerment and sexual abuse was reintegrated with his children after being released from prison.

Year 2011, Sedgwick County, A state-funded residential program designed to teach young adults how to live safe, productive lives mixes 16-year old-girls in foster care with sex offenders in their 20s. 
Year 2010, Sedgwick County, The Wichita, KS nurse who had alleged sex with a minor was never prosectued.
By Megahn Snyder (WICHITA, Kan.),
A nurse at a treatment center for teens could face charges for having sex with a 17-year-old client.
Wichita police tell us someone saw the woman leave the Camelot Center in Riverside with the boy early Thursday morning. The witness called 911. Police later responded to the woman's southeast Wichita apartment where they found the teen and the woman. She was booked on one count of unlawful sexual relations for allegedly having sex with the teen who was locked up at the facility. She could also face battery charges for fighting the officers who arrested her.

Then there was the settlement case of Brandon Blackmon,
Year 2009, Brandon Blackmon receives settlement for $875 for being placed in a facility where he was repeatedly raped. St. Francis staff opposed SRS because Blackmon would be the youngest child in the compound and his personal safety wasn’t assured. The Rev. Thomas Campbell, former vice president at St. Francis, predicted Blackmon “would be 'fresh meat’ and the 'target of sexual predators,’” court records say.  

11/5/10 Does anyone ever wonder why Wichita is ranked as one of the top 5 cities in the US for human trafficking?