Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where is Adam Herrman? Doug Herrman is incarcerated at the Ellsworth Correctional Facility

Where is Adam Herrman? Adam is the 11-year-old adopted son who disappeared from Valerie and Doug Herrmans’ Towanda home in 1999. The Herrmans never reported him missing, yet they continued to accept state money for his care. Valerie Herrman was sentenced to 7 months in prison (only served 6 months) for theft of $15,488 in state adoption subsidies.

Valerie Herrman was released on Jan 27th, 2012.

Doug Herrman is still incarcerated at the Ellsworth Correctional Facility. Earliest possible release date is March 20, 2012. This date could be affected by the parole board decision or good time and/or program credit.  

Adam born Irvin Groeninger III on June 8th, 1987 in Wichita, KS, his bio mother and father’s parental rights were severed by the Sedgwick County DA’s office, Nola Foulston.

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