Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boy stabbed with nail at the Wichita Children's Home

WICHITA — A 17-year-old boy was taken to Wesley Medical Center in serious condition this afternoon after he was stabbed with a nail in the chest at the Wichita Children’s Home.
Emergency dispatchers said Wichita police were called to the home shortly after 2:30 p.m. and found the boy with a nail impaled in his upper chest. The injury was not considered to be life-threatening, dispatchers said.
Teen Impaled In Chest With Nail
When officers arrived at the scene they found the teen walking down the street with the nail sticking out of the left side of his chest.
A teenager was hospitalized with serious injuries after he was found with a large nail impaled in his chest. Wichita police say the 17-year-old boy was found in the 800 block of North Holyoke Street around 2:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.
When officers arrived at the scene they found the teen walking down the street with the nail sticking out of the left side of his chest. Officials say the victim was uncooperative and would not tell police what happened.
He was taken to a nearby hospital in serious condition. The incident is under investigation.

Monday, January 16, 2012

US Attorney General Barry Grissom Called To Account By Donna Roberts, ACRA, A Childs Rights Association Article Today:
U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom adopts active, aggressive approach to fighting crime
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Donna Roberts, ACRA, A Childs Rights Association, Advocate responded with a comment on this article:

Donna's Post:

I personally spoke to Mr Grissom last year on the telephone, I expressed my concerns for children who have been sexually abused and the abuse covered up by the child protection system, no protection and no justice for these children. What really concerned me is when he said it was a "State Issue" I understand many things are, but the sexual abuse of a child is also a Federal Crime under the Adam Walsh's Act.
His other response to me was that they have saved thousands of children, like its ok that we fail one child, that this one child's life is not as important because they save thousands, tell this to the children who are suffering today because of the cover up within our own state.
Every child should be protected and if the state is failing to do so then our US Attorney should have some power to ensure these children are protected and get justice. Just because a parent is the child molester should not make the crime any less heinous than if it was a stranger. In fact it is worse, because most stranger crimes are committed one time to the victim and in cases of children being forced to live with sexual abuse the crime is being committed on a daily basis. Children who live in these homes have no escape, they are held prisoner by our own government entities, they are held prisoner and abused and this is a crime in itself, it is a clear violation of Human Rights, Victim Rights and a Violation to their constitutional rights to protection.
All across this Nation and right here in Wichita/Sedgwick County Kansas, Judges and individuals involved in the child protection system betray molested children seeking protection from an abusive parent by putting them in the hands of their molester/abuser.
I have all the evidence to back everything I write, the problem is that no one is willing to look at the evidence instead they are sacrificing the lives of children and turning a blind eye to the sexual and physical abuse. What good is it to have law enforcement and child protective services, judges, district attorney's ect when the laws are NOT being enforced and when a child has to live their whole childhood sexually and physically abused because the system protected the child molester? I am so disgusted with our child protection system in Kansas, I am a mother who's daughter fell victim to a sexual perp when she was only 5 years old, my daughter was raped, kidnapped, sexually exploited, drugged and more. Sure this perp was prosecuted, sure he is prison today, and as Mr. Grissom said,"the system worked in my daughters case".
So once again, since it worked in my daughters case it excuses the wrong in these other children's cases? Mr. Grissom, why didn't you even take the time to look at the evidence I have of wrong doing in cases of child sexual abuse? Why isn't the life of these children worth a few minutes of your time? One thing we all have to remember, these children will not stay children then they will speak out and they will tell of how our child protection system in Kansas failed to protect them.
Taking children from an NON-ABUSIVE home where the children have at least one parent who tried to protect them and then the system turn around and take the child/children and give SOLE CUSTODY to the child molester/abuser, what kind of system does this? Corrupt system, people who work together to protect the abuser and silence the victim.
I have been speaking out on this issue for 6 years and will continue to do so until someone listens, these children have been re-victimized by a system that covers up the sexual and physical abuse of children.
I have a law that will be presented this year, it is called the "Kansas Protective Parent Reform Act", this is just the beginning of what needs to be done to truly protect children who are victims of intra-familial abuse.
The bottom line is what is happening in the Penn State case is happening right here in our own backyards, the only difference is that its the professionals involved in these cases who are doing the cover up and of course when you try and get help there is no help for these children, everyone wants to look the other way, turn a blind eye because how in the world would professionals do such a thing? Well, they do, and I have the evidence to back every word I say.
If you are a parent who has children who have not been protected email at my name is Donna Roberts/Founder of ACRA-A Child's Rights Association, child activist.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lawrence, KS man hired to help Kansas children has been charged with sex crimes

Lawrence, KS man hired to help Kansas children has been charged with sex crimes, these crimes are against children that were placed by the court system in emergency care 
LAWRENCE, Kan. — A man who worked with troubled and homeless teens has been charged with sex crimes against two of the teens he was supposed to help.
Kirk Ferguson, 46, faces three charges including aggravated and indecent liberties with a child and criminal sodomy. According to police documents, the alleged crimes took place starting in October, when he was working at the Shelter, Inc. in Lawrence.
The shelter’s director, Judy Culley, told FOX 4 that Ferguson has been suspended from the organization.
The Kansas Attorney General’s office is handling the case, and at their request a judge on Thursday sealed almost all of the details in the case.
Loring Henderson, director of the Lawrence Community Shelter – which houses homeless families and is located just down the street from Shelter, Inc. – told FOX 4 that all agencies take precautions to ensure the safety of their workers and clients.
“We’re like all agencies that work with children, you try to make sure that you’ve done everything you can to be as thorough in your procedures to protect children who are present in your programs,” said Henderson, who says that while the charges are tragic, it’s important for the public to remember all the good these agencies provide. “I think that the general public understands that agencies certainly try and no one wants this kind of thing to occur.”
Henderson says that he did not know Ferguson and did not want to comment on the allegations, but he says that he has nothing but good things to say about Shelter, Inc., which has been providing services for children and families in Lawrence since 1981.
“I can say they’ve done tremendous good over the years they’ve been here for years serving the community of Lawrence and doing terrific programs,” said Henderson.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Glen Burdue, "Even one child needlessly traumatized or abused while in the SRS system is too many"

Jan. 3, 2012, Glen Burdue spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation.
Glen asked the legislators for their support to provide new legislation to provide statistics and identify problems with child protective services.
Glen Burdue, "Even one child needlessly traumatized or abused while in the SRS system is too many". 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Protective Parent Valerie, "Children turned over to their sexual abuser, their father"

Jan 3, 2012, Protective Parent Valerie spoke on the wrongful removal of her children and how the state gave custody of her children to their abuser. Wichita Children's Home reported three times to EMCU and SRS that the children were being abused. The system has reinforced and helped the abuser retain custody of the children. Valerie's parental rights were severed for reporting what her children told her and professionals.

Marlene Jones, Penn State Sandusky Scandal Has Nothing On Sedgwick County

Jan. 3, 2012, Marlene Jones spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation.
Marlene has been coming to the legislative forums for several years and speaking on the wrongful removal and failure to reunify the children with the parent.
Last year the citizens were told there was going to be a new committee to address these issues and that didn't happen.
Marlene requested that the legislators support and cosponser the protective parent act that will be reintroduced this year as protective parents are losing custody of their children after reporting abuse.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Donna Roberts, The Shameful Secret In Our Own Backyard, Sexual Abuse Of Children In Sedgwick County

Jan. 3, 2012, Donna Roberts, ACRA, A Childs Rights Association, spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation.
Donna Roberts' concern is regarding the sexual abuse of children in Sedgwick County and the coverup by professionals, law enforcement, SRS, therapists, and how the Judges are failing these children. Donna said that Kansas needs a major investigation by the feds and the people who have covered up the abuse of these children need to be prosecuted.
The bottom line is that sexual abuse is a crime and it is being covered up in Sedgwick County.

Protective Parent Larry, lost custody of his child in Sedgwick County, KS

Jan. 3, 2012. Larry spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation.
Larry lost custody of his daughter after reporting that his child was being abused. Larry tried to file a motion in Sedgwick County Juvenile Court to be heard and was denied.
The real question is why aren't children being protected in Sedgwick County? Why is the Sedgwick County DA's office filing false petitions against protective parents to remove children from from their custody and then recommend that those children be placed in the homes of their abusers?

Wendell Turner had to make a lot of noise at Youthville to protect his grandchildren from Pendland

Rick Pendland who worked for Youthville was also a sponsored foster parent, former school teacher and he worked at the Wichita Children's Home. Pendland, who now sits in the Cowley County Jail for allegedly raping multiple children, wanted to be the foster placement for Wendell Turner's grandchildren.

Wendell Turner had to make a lot of noise with Youthville to keep his grandson's from being placed in Rick Pendland's home.
Wendell Turner spoke Jan. 3, 2012 before the South Central Legislative Delegation:

Pendland hasn't been the only individual that has raped children under Youthville's watch. This is what Youthville calls "Giving children back their childhood":

Year 2011, Who's watching the children in Youthville's facilities? Man was charged with having sexual relations with one of the children.
Marshall allegedly had sex with a 17-year-old Youthville client several times between Oct. 16, 2009, and Jan. 14, 2010, Ford County Sheriff's investigator George Brown told the Globe. Marshall was not an employee of Youthville, but he was working at the agency's Dodge City campus at the time.

It's very concerning that children are not being protected and they are being placed in the homes of pedophiles by Youthville, the Sedgwick County DA's office and the Juvenile Judges. Protective parents in Sedgwick County have not only lost custody of their children but had their parental rights terminated after reporting the sexual abuse of their children.

Year 2009, Reported by the Kansas WatchDog here are a couple stories of parents who lost custody of their children after reporting that their children were being abused.

Year 2004, Another Youthville employee charged with sex crimes. 
KS SRS contractor admits to underage sex
By Chris Strunk Newton Kansan
A former United Methodist Youthville employee has been charged in
Harvey County District Court with sex crimes against three former
residents of the Youthville campus in Newton.

Year 2000, Youthville, Foster dad charged with 2-year-old’s death By The Associated Press Associated Press  December 7, 2000 Social workers regularly visited the Johnson home and found no indication that anything was wrong, said Jane Alleva, an official with United Methodist Youthville, which sponsored the Johnsons as licensed foster parents.... The autopsy indicated that Niccol suffered significant internal bleeding and injury in her abdomen.

Kansas has a history of endangering children:

The recent legislative audit, dated July 2011,showed that a father who was convicted of child endangerment and sexual abuse was reintegrated with his children after being released from prison.

Year 2011, Sedgwick County, A state-funded residential program designed to teach young adults how to live safe, productive lives mixes 16-year old-girls in foster care with sex offenders in their 20s. 
Year 2010, Sedgwick County, The Wichita, KS nurse who had alleged sex with a minor was never prosectued.
By Megahn Snyder (WICHITA, Kan.),
A nurse at a treatment center for teens could face charges for having sex with a 17-year-old client.
Wichita police tell us someone saw the woman leave the Camelot Center in Riverside with the boy early Thursday morning. The witness called 911. Police later responded to the woman's southeast Wichita apartment where they found the teen and the woman. She was booked on one count of unlawful sexual relations for allegedly having sex with the teen who was locked up at the facility. She could also face battery charges for fighting the officers who arrested her.

Then there was the settlement case of Brandon Blackmon,
Year 2009, Brandon Blackmon receives settlement for $875 for being placed in a facility where he was repeatedly raped. St. Francis staff opposed SRS because Blackmon would be the youngest child in the compound and his personal safety wasn’t assured. The Rev. Thomas Campbell, former vice president at St. Francis, predicted Blackmon “would be 'fresh meat’ and the 'target of sexual predators,’” court records say.  

11/5/10 Does anyone ever wonder why Wichita is ranked as one of the top 5 cities in the US for human trafficking?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Governor Brownback and The Kansas "Ways"

Haulmark and Kahrs, the "Department's Legs"

"Brownback hints at "style" problems with SRS secretary"
"Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback suggested this morning that “style” issues may have led to the undoing of Social Service Secretary Rob Siedlecki.

“There are a lot of difficult things that he did. I think a number of them were good. I think a number of them were not as good appreciation for style, ways of doing things in the Midwest,” Brownback told The Star’s editorial board."
Did he rub state legislators the wrong way?
“Style and ways of doing things in the Midwest,” the governor reiterated. “It’s just different…It’s a big country and you do things a little different in different places.”

As a US Senator, Governor Brownback claimed he couldn't assist families that wrote to him regarding the wrongful removal of their children. Brownback wrote, "I am limited in what I can do because it comes under the direct authority of the State of Kansas. Because I am a member of the federal legislature, I have no jurisdiction in state matters". 
Now that Brownback is Governor of Kansas and over SRS/CPS, even less children have been reunified with their families than when the previous administration was in office.   
The Kansas "ways" of doing things is to violate the rights of children and families, take children from good homes only to place them with abusers, hide behind secret courts and sealed records where parents don't receive due process.