Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thirty-five Kansas Sentors Voted Against Children's Rights

March 20, 2012

Today, thirty-five Kansas Senators voted against accountability, children's rights, the protection of children, due process, Kansas statutes, the family heritage/traditions, and the constitutional right to be a parent. Phyllis Gilmore, as the former Executive Director of the KS BSRB and the board members,
denied parents and family members their complaints, made on behalf of their children and grandchildren, against licensed social workers by dismissing them due to "lack of jurisdiction".  By Kansas law, Gilmore and the board which she oversaw didn't have the option to refuse any complaint of a licensed worker. 
Gilmore is now the new Secretary of SRS over Social Services/CPS/Foster Care.

The Kansas Senators that voted "Yeas" for Gilmore
need to be voted out of office.

Appointment today confirmed by the following:
By the Governor
On the appointment to the:
Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services:
          Phyllis Gilmore, term expires At the pleasure of the governor
          On roll call, the vote was: Yeas 35; Nays 0; Present and Passing 5; Absent or Not Voting 0.
          Yeas: Abrams, Apple, Bruce, Brungardt, Donovan, Emler, Faust-Goudeau, Francisco, Haley, Hensley, Holland, Huntington, Kelsey, King, Longbine, Love, Lynn, Marshall, Masterson, McGinn, Merrick, Morris, Olson, Ostmeyer, Owens, Pilcher-Cook, Pyle, A. Schmidt, V. Schmidt, Steineger, Taddiken, Teichman, Umbarger, Vratil, Wagle.
          Present and Passing: Kelly, Kultala, Petersen, Reitz, Schodorf.
          The appointment was confirmed.

Monday, March 12, 2012

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley discusses domestic trafficking of foster youth

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U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley discusses domestic trafficking of foster youth at the third event in a Speakers' Series of the Senate Caucus on Foster Youth. Grassley is a co-founder of the Senate Caucus on Foster Youth.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Say "NO" To Gilmore

Many citizens have written all of the Kansas Senators expressing dissatisfaction of how Phyllis Gilmore refused to investigate complaints made against licensed social workers and requested that Gilmore not be confirmed as the next Secretary of SRS. Many families, under Gilmore's watch as the Executive Director of the KS BSRB, were told their complaints would not be investigated "due to lack of jurisdiction".

The latest today in the Kansas Health Institute article, regarding the families concerns and letters to the Senators, Gilmore said the "complaints were misguided, noting that the decisions not to act on the complaints were not hers to make but were made by the board." 

Acting above the law, Gilmore's statement acknowledges that she and her board members chose to ignore allegations of abuse by licensed social workers.

Gilmore has proven that she isn't qualified to be the next Secretary of SRS. Not only did she fail as the Executive Director of the KS BSRB to monitor the board members to assure they followed policies, procedures, HIPPA and Kansas Statutes, Gilmore ignored her responsibilities to Kansas citizens as well. As Executive Director for 11 years, just how many cases were dismissed due to "lack of jurisdiction" under Gilmore's watch? This needs to be investigated.

The citizens' messages are clear, Gilmore's actions or rather FAILURE to act on behalf of Kansas citizens has been proven,
Just Say "NO" To Gilmore
as the next Secretary of SRS.
Here is the article: http://www.khi.org/news/2012/mar/05/gilmore-confirmation-draws-opposition/

That would be the newly appointed SRS Secretary Phyllis Gilmore if she is confirmed.
And the "Case of the Gilmore's" is not going to go away in a week or 2 months.
Here is some history on Phyllis Gilmore...As Executive Director for 11 years over the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board; Gilmore was responsible for monitoring Social Workers. During her time, many families reported Social Workers for not following policies and procedures, HIPPA Laws, and Kansas laws.. Phyllis Gilmore and her staff refused to investigate Social Workers claiming "no jurisdiction".
Gilmore and her cohorts were questioned in a closed meeting in March of 2008 about refusing to investigate these cases. You can read more about that here and watch the video. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

KS Court of Appeals Vacates the Criminal Contempt Charges by Nola Foulston and Judge James Burgess

The Kansas Court of Appeals found,
"If this is a criminal contempt, then the court failed to afford V.R. sufficient due process.
Interestingly, the State now contends that the contempt proceedings are to be regarded as criminal in nature and the district court properly imposed a punitive sanction for indirect criminal contempt. This change of position by the State cannot be ignored.
Even if we view this as a criminal contempt action, we must likewise vacate the sentence because the court failed to afford V.R. due process."

"Because the court gave the contemnor no way to purge herself of contempt, we hold that sentence to be wholly punitive. The court failed to give the contemnor "the keys to the jail." The court had no authority to impose a criminal contempt sentence in a civil contempt proceeding.
Therefore, we vacate the penalty."

Who jailed this mother without due process?

Sedgwick County Juvenile Judge James Burgess

Sedgwick County DA Nola Foulston


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Commission on Judicial Qualifications Complaint

Would it be a violation of Judicial Cannons for a Judge
to endorse a foster care contractor?

The complainant feels that the Judges personal endorsements violate the following rules:
Cannon 1, Page 6, paragraph B. “A judge shall not lend the prestige of judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others; nor shall a judge convey or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge.”Likewise, under Cannon 1, Page 6, last paragraph. “A judge must avoid lending the prestige of judicial office for the advancement of the private interests of others.”
Here is the complaint:
Taken from the Kansas Judicial Branch Website:
Judicial Complaint Procedure
Any person may file a complaint with the Commission. In addition to citizen complaints, the Commission may investigate matters of judicial misconduct on its own motion. Referrals are also made to the Commission through the Office of Judicial Administration and the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator.
A Complaint form may be obtained on this web site or may also be requested in writing, by telephone, or by e-mail.
To request a complaint packet, please contact:
Commission on Judicial Qualifications
Kansas Judicial Center
301 SW 10th Avenue, Room 374
Topeka, Kansas 66612
A complaint packet will be mailed to you or may be sent electronically upon request.