Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Does Brad Heyen also feel fortunate that his adoptive parents use to joke that his biological parents were Amish?

Kansas Children’s Service League’s focus shifts from adoption to prevention and keeping families together Kansas Children’s Service League’s focus shifts from adoption to prevention and keeping families together By Elizabeth Scheltens The Wichita Eagle ""Brad Heyen doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t know he was adopted. It was a topic that was up not only for discussion in the house where he grew up but also for questioning and for even humor. “My parents and I used to drive past Hutchison and see Amish horse-drawn buggies on the road,” Heyen said. “They always used to joke that my birth parents were inside.” Heyen’s story begins like many adoption stories in Kansas: with the Kansas Children’s Service League. The nonprofit organization, which celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, has been responsible for thousands of adoptions statewide since its founding in 1893."" Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/2013/07/28/2911728/kansas-childrens-service-leagues.html#emlnl=Morning_Headlines_Newsletter#storylink=cpy

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kansas Family Requesting Financial Support To Help Get Their Children Back

More of the story on this link and you can donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/3hawq4

More Children In State Custody Under Gov Brownback

FY2013 DCF/SRS Stats and History

Total Number Children Removed Last 4 Years:

FY2012 Statewide 3,623 children removed
FY2011 Statewide 3,408 children removed
FY2010 Statewide 3,444 children removed

Kansas continues to warehouse the children
Kansas total number of children languishing in foster care has increased in the last 4 years under Brownback

Total Number Children Served In OOHP, Out Of Home Placement:

6/30/13 Kansas total 8,853, Sedgwick County 1,452

Prior Years:


FY2013, Of the 3,974 Children Removed, Only 2,086 Were Substantiated For Abuse:

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rally And Protest For Kansas "Grandmother Caught In Custody Dispute" Some people are good enough to be foster placements but NOT good enough to be a placement for their own grandchildren. Governor Brownback what are you doing?

for more of the story see previous link:
"On Monday, July 29, 2013, there will be a rally in front of KVC, 1223 Meadow Lark Lane, Kansas City, Kansas, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
This is a rally for the grandmother, Patricia, who was on the local Kansas City News, Channel 4, reporter Tess Koppelman,  last week who stated that even though she had been a foster parent for years for KVC, Patricia was not allowed placement or adoption of her 4 year old grandson.   Patricia's grandson was placed in stranger foster care and her grandson has had cuts and bruises which is possible abuse while in foster care."

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mission Kansas Police Cavity Search Mom After Toddlers Drop Pebbles in Mail Slot and Threatens To Take Children


""I kept asking them to call my husband to come get our scared children. They would NOT call my husband until much later. It’s like they were playing head games. I had asked (nearly BEGGED) many times for them to call their father, yet Tige Dean threatened he would take my kids away by CPS because they couldn’t get a hold of dad! Yet, they HADN’T EVEN ATTEMPTED to call him yet!""

""On the evening of 3-16-2013 around 5 pm I was leaving the Mission Post Office. I had just put my two young daughters (Ages 4 & 2) in the minivan. While I was putting packages in the car, I was unexpectedly approached from behind by a female cop– Officer Michelle Pierce.

Cop Block
July 16, 2013
She stated, “I’m going to need your identification.” I asked her, “Why?” Again, she said, “Give me your ID.” I again asked her, “Why?” The third time she was more demanding & said, “GIVE ME your identification.” I then agreed that I would give her my ID but I wanted to know WHY first. I said “Okay, but why?” She still would not tell me. At that point, you can see what happens in the video. Without warning, she started walking towards me, twists my arm, starts cuffing me, flings me around & slams me on the ground while finishing cuffing me. At that point, Officer Tim Gift arrived & assisted her. They hurt me when they dropped me on the ground & also got my thumb stuck in the cuffs. You can hear my toddler age girls crying & screaming in the car as they took me down & throughout the hour or so they had me there.
Just to mention, the THIRD officer that shows up later was not mentioned AT ALL in the Police Report. They act as if he was NEVER even there. I later found out who the THIRD officer was due to a local senior citizen contacting me & telling me WHO he was. They knew because he had abused them as well. The third officer’s name was Tige Dean.
Out of ALL THREE Police Officers, NOT ONCE did ANY of them make an attempt to console my baby girls who were huddled in the car crying & watching all this out the window. My oldest actually thought they were going to SHOOT me. This has caused much trauma.
I kept asking them to call my husband to come get our scared children. They would NOT call my husband until much later. It’s like they were playing head games. I had asked (nearly BEGGED) many times for them to call their father, yet Tige Dean threatened he would take my kids away by CPS because they couldn’t get a hold of dad! Yet, they HADN’T EVEN ATTEMPTED to call him yet!
I later found out that the Postal Employee, Yvette Jenkins, called 911 after saying that I was yelling at her, kicking the door & throwing rocks at her through the mail slot! In reality, I was arguing with my husband on the cell phone in an EMPTY Postal lobby while using the automated machine. My bored toddlers dropped pebbles in the mail slot. You can also hear Yvette Jenkins say on the video while the cops are talking to her that the Post Office has protocol & that they asked me to leave. Yet ANOTHER LIE. She was actually in the back warehouse area where I couldn’t even see her & she NEVER came out to speak to me. I was leaving on my OWN ACCORD after I told my husband on the phone, “You can ship your own dang packages on Monday!” We have tried & tried to get the Post Office to give up the video footage but they say they have NO cameras, even though they have a sign in the lobby that says the premises are monitored.

I’m disgusted with The Mission Kansas PD. From the illegal CAVITY SEARCH, to horrifying my children, to the lies in the police report, lies from the post office, trumping up charges on me to cover their asses & then LYING again saying there was NO VIDEOS of anything– out of THREE police dash cams & a FEDERAL BUILDING (Post Office). We have ALSO been THREATENED by the Prosecuter of MISSION,KS himself–Mr. David Martin!!!''

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kansas, KVC Takes Child From Mother And Won't Let "Foster Care Provider" Grandmother Have Grandchild

Grandmother is a foster placement for other KVC foster children http://fox4kc.com/2013/07/09/grandmother-fights-for-custody-of-own-grandson/ KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Kansas grandmother says there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be able to have custody of her own grandson, but for some reason, the state won’t let her have him. Patricia Madison says she is approved by the state of Kansas to be a foster parent, and she’s fostered many children over the last five years. But for some reason she’s not allowed to take in her own grandson. This custody battle has been going on for about a year and a half now. But Madison says she turned to fox 4 for help because she fears her grandchild will never be returned to his family now that the child’s foster parents are interested in adopting him. For more than a year, the only way Madison has been able to see her almost four year-old grandson Tristen is with supervised visits. She used to see him weekly, but then it was changed to once a month. “When I do see him I really don’t know if that’s the last time,” she said tearfully. Madison says about a year and a half ago her grandson was taken away from her son and put into state care. For awhile Tristen was placed with Madison’s daughter, but Madison says KVC, the agency that oversees foster care, took the child away. Madison says it was because they told her daughter that she worked too much. “She works 40 hours a week, I think that’s normal,” Madison says, “you have to work to pay your bills.” Madison says she’s made it clear from the start she wanted to take in her grandson. “I told them I wanted him placed in my care because I had been working with KVC keeping their foster kids,” she said, “and they told me ‘no.’” Madison says she’s never been told exactly why she can’t have Tristen. At one point she says KVC told her it was because of an abuse allegation from 1998. But letters from the state dated last year and last week both confirm that Madison is not on the Abuse and Neglect Registry and is not barred from working with kids. “I want all of this to be investigated,” Madison said, “this is not a way of putting families together this is not the way it’s supposed to be.” Madison keeps the bedroom ready for her grandson to come home but she’s losing hope, and fears that her grandson’s foster family will be allowed to adopt Tristen. “If he’s taken from me, I will never be the same,” she said, “I love him and I miss him and I hope soon he’ll be back with us again.” Both KVC and the state’s Department of Children and Families say they can’t comment on specific cases. But KVC says it does place kids with family members whenever possible. The agency adds that it works with the state and the courts to determine what is best for the child.

"Amber Alert" - A Grandmother's Story