Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Children In State Custody Under Gov Brownback

FY2013 DCF/SRS Stats and History

Total Number Children Removed Last 4 Years:

FY2012 Statewide 3,623 children removed
FY2011 Statewide 3,408 children removed
FY2010 Statewide 3,444 children removed

Kansas continues to warehouse the children
Kansas total number of children languishing in foster care has increased in the last 4 years under Brownback

Total Number Children Served In OOHP, Out Of Home Placement:

6/30/13 Kansas total 8,853, Sedgwick County 1,452

Prior Years:


FY2013, Of the 3,974 Children Removed, Only 2,086 Were Substantiated For Abuse:

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