Friday, February 10, 2012

Kansas is getting ready to have a "Case of the GILMORE'S"

Ever feel sick, got the flu and it lasts for a week?
Or maybe you have a nasty cold that turns into bronchitis.
Well that's NOTHING compared to what Kansas is getting ready to incur.
Kansas is getting ready to have a "Case of the GILMORE'S"
That would be the newly appointed SRS Secretary Phyllis Gilmore if she is confirmed.
And the "Case of the Gilmore's" is not going to go away in a week or 2 months.
Here is some history on Phyllis Gilmore...As Executive Director for 11 years over the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board, Gilmore was responsible for monitoring Social Workers. During her time, many families reported Social Workers for not following policies and procedures, HIPPA Laws, and Kansas laws.. Phyllis Gilmore and her staff refused to investigate Social Workers claiming "no jurisdiction".
Gilmore and her cohorts were questioned in a closed meeting in March of 2008 about refusing to investigate these cases. You can read more about that here and watch the video. 
The Senate Confirmation Oversight Committee will debate whether to recommend the appointment to the full Senate, which will probably vote on Gilmore’s appointment within about a month. It is IMPERATIVE that everyone contact every Senator in Kansas ASAP to recommend that Gilmore NOT be approved for this position.
Don't get a "Case of the GiLMORE'S"... write all Kansas Senators to ask that Phyllis Gilmore NOT BE CONFIRMED as the next SRS Secretary of SRS.  Pass this on!
HERE is a list of all Kansas Senators


  1. Not comletely related to Phyllis Gilmore, but.....what's the status on Valerie and Doug Herrman? Are they still in jail, and have they testified concerning Adma Herrman's whereabouts yet?

  2. I have no idea where these slime balls are.