Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Judicial Ethics? Kansas Judicial Opinion Approves CINC Judges To Be Resource Placement In Same District

The Supreme Court of Kansas
Kansas Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinion Filed March 14, 2012 has decided that Judges involved with CINC cases in the same district or county can now foster your children and unless you object, your children can and will be placed in the home of a Judge. Oh there is one little catch which really doesn't mean anything. The Judge can still be on the CINC docket to handle those cases but must be listed in a different division such as traffic, criminal, family, etc...

The Kansas Judge and His Spouse, The Resource Placement For Kansas Kids::::
A Kansas district Judge and his spouse are a licensed foster care resource placement. This judge routinely handles CINC cases in his district. The judge and his spouse recently received placement of a child who resided within the same judicial district. The parent's attorney objected to this placement. The judge and the judge's spouse consented in the removal of the child from their home. 
The Kansas Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinion decided the following:
"We see nothing inappropriate or unethical for a district judge and the judge's spouse in a multi-judge district to provide licensed foster parent services to a child, providing the case is pending in another judge's division.
Our opinion in not changed even if the judge handles a portion of the CINC docket, providing the case is pending in another judge's division.
The judge handling the case does not have to automatically recuse without a valid request from an interested party if the CINC case involves a child who has been placed with a judge and the judge's spouse."

 Does this opinion sound like it is promoting confidence in the Judiciary???

Here is the opinion:

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