Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Sedgwick County Witch Hunt For Cecillia Aarnold

Cecillia Aarold will have a Jury Trial tomorrow, May 21, 2012, at the Sedgwick County Court House, 9th Floor at 9:00 AM
Cecillia Aarnold needs court watchers to attend. The charge is two counts of interference with parental custody. This is a one day trial and Cecillia will be found either guilty or not guilty. If found guilty the sentence is approximately 2 years in prison.
Cecillia's parental rights were wrongfully terminated by the Sedgwick County DA. After the termination, Cecillia accidentally ran into her daughter at school. The Sedgwick County DA was notified and is now charging Cecillia with parental interference. This is the same DA that fails to prosecute child rapists and gives them probation so they can go rape other children. Just this last week, a local babysitter, 33 years old, duct taped the mouth and hands of an 18 month old child and was given probation. Local photographer, Henry Nelson, raped a child and the DA decided to make a plea deal and gave him probation in exchange for his computer... Protective parent's rights are being terminated by this DA when they report their child is being abused.
I really admire Cecillia... the DA wanted a guilty plea and offered her probation. Cecillia refused the probation as her parental rights were terminatd wrongfully, running into her children and saying hello shouldn't be a crime, and if there is any punishment to be had (which there isn't)..Cecillia has already suffered through this whole ordeal.
The Sedgwick County DA has wasted our tax dollars prosectuting Cecillia Aarnold. It's been a crazy witch hunt, including going all the way to Texas to extradite Cecillia back to Wichita where she spent 12 days in the Sedgwick County jail. Reminds me of the homeless man who stole a $2 hotdog and sat in jail a couple months waiting for his trial . Wasted Tax Dollars!
The Kansas WatchDog has been covering Cecillia's story, you can read the history here and watch the videos.
If you can make it to court tomorrow, please contact Cecillia by phone and email.
Phone 817-797-7588


  1. Cecilla's story needs more media attention. All the crimes in this county need light on them! This is not Justice. This just shows how Un- Just the system has become. I am thankful for The Kansas WatchDog but it's sad how long these stories have been told and no one is standing up for this mother and others. My prayer is that this mother wins this case as she should and the media picks up on it. I truly wish I could be with her today! Elisa Breitenbach

  2. Any up date???

  3. Anyone ever heard of Cheryl Powers as a Case Manager or in conducting a Home Study in Douglas or Johnson Counties and lying or manipulating the truth???