Sunday, November 13, 2011

The State Of Kansas Is Offering "FREE" Adoptions At The Expense Of The Tax Payer

According to Siedlecki it's all FREE.

Free Adoption
Free Subsidies
Free Medical Coverage
Free College Education

What did he say? Puppy syndrome? Comparing children with dogs?


  1. I guess the most pertinent question I can think of, and which I would have asked, had I been there, is, "Has anyone found Adam Herrmen yet?". In my opinion, all SRS adoptions should be suspended in Kansas, and SRS should go into receivership until that child is found. Also, adoption out of one's natural family is generally NOT borne of happy circumstances, and that reality makes Siedlecki sound like an auctioneer when he compares children to puppies.

  2. Thank You Juli Henry! I couldn't agree more. Kansas children like Adam Herrman, aka Irvin Groeninger III, deserve justice and all adoptions should be suspended.
    How do we get there?

  3. How do we get there? I'm not sure......possibly a federal investigation. It happened to social services in Washington D.C.

    That's an idiosyncracy about this area that I do not understand; all of the stats you relate in your posts represent an alarming percentage, per capita, of the population being involved in SRS. It's really not statistically probable that a percentage that large would require that children be removed from their homes. It is also strange to me that there are people as close as Kansas City Mo. who feel that Robert Finn should not be sanctioned for his part in the internet kiddie porn that was discovered in one of his churches. This is disturbing, and it tells me that the BEST INTERESTS of children is not as important here as it is in other parts of the country. But what is SRS in Kansas fighting so hard to keep covered up?

  4. EXACTLY, what is SRS and the State of Kansas covering up?