Monday, August 12, 2013

Voices Not Heard

Connie Fahrbach seems to believe that if everyone had an attorney they would have stood a chance at a fair hearing. In reality, it wouldn't have mattered because the decisions were made prior. It's a corrupt court system filled with parasites. The safety and welfare of the children is not the priority of the Judges in Sedgwick County and no attorney, legal representation, could have made a difference in a case that was manipulated. Good Luck Connie, I only wish you the best! Published in the Wichita Eagle: Voices not heard I recently witnessed a case presented to a family law judge who renders decisions on issues such as parental rights. I walked away realizing that the family law legal system is designed only to serve the rich. If people are poor and cannot afford legal representation, their voices will not be heard. Citizens are allowed to file pro se motions, but the likelihood of the motion being filed correctly is slim. That also has a negative impact on the outcome. Individuals who can afford legal representation will be heard through their attorneys, and the likelihood of the judge rendering a decision in their favor is almost guaranteed. The judge does not require proof from a testifying case manager or the lawyer representing the wealthy. What the case manager and lawyer say is considered factual, and they do not have to provide evidence to support their statements. When deciding parental issues, there simply has to be a better system for financially struggling people who cannot afford legal counsel. I wonder how many loving parents have lost their children based upon their inability to afford case management services or legal representation when appearing before a judge. CONNIE FAHRBACH Andover Read more here:

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