Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kansas has created a heritage of broken families, poverty and suffering

Kansas will take a couple decades to rebuild after the slaughter, by child protective services, of so many families. That's only on the assumption that the new governor and any following will work to maintain the family unit.

Broken families are handicapped by the devastation of losing their children and many struggle to work. The public employees, Judges, lawyers, police, district attorneys, social workers, teachers, therapists, foster care agencies, legislators, etc... want to receive a pay check but have made no attempt to protect the private sector from state abuse.
Without the private sector, there wouldn't be public employees.

Once children go into foster care there is little hope for their future as 80% of our prison population is comprised of former foster children. Obviously, foster care creates criminals. Is that in the best interest of children and citizens?

What's even worse is what has happened to the children in foster care. Kathleen Sebelius was Governor of Kansas between 2003-2009. In 2004, while Sebelius was watching, 71% of children in foster care were being medicated on psychotropic drugs. Many of these drugs were not approved by the FDA for children.

In 2004, Sebelius decided to keep a tight rein on the open records of children who died in foster care due to the concern there would be lawsuits.
In January 2005, it was reported that many foster children weren't able to make it on their own and were put out on the street.
In 2005, SRS employees were told to disregard state and federal laws without consequences. 
In 2007 a spokesperson for Youthville said that for the majority of children in foster care school is nonexistent.
In March 2008, former Secretary of SRS, Don Jordan, told a group of citizens that the Sedgwick County DA bullied social workers into falsifying records to remove children from their parent's custody. The State found this to be true through a legislative post audit, yet Sebelius did nothing to correct the wrongs of these broken families.
Dec. 1st, 2009, a Kansas attorney testifies before the legislature regarding foster care abuse and violations of family rights.

Kansans needs to recognize that maintaining families is important to the economy, is needed for the safety of its citizens, and most importantly is necessary for the future growth and heritage of Kansas families.

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