Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saving Ella Jo ~ From Foster Care

3 year old, Ella Jo is in the Kansas Foster Care System

While in the care of the State, on Oct 4th, Ella Jo went into respitory failure and the family was called to be at her side. Ella Jo is still fighting but she needs to go back home to be with her family.

"Ella Jo's history of accidental & pathological fractures started when she was 1-year old. Ella is not able to assimilate the nutrients in her food, therefore has a weaken bone structure. The seizure medicine that EllaJo had been on for half her life also deteriorates bone mass! The doctors failed to suggest Ella Jo needed Vitamin D & Calcium supplements to prevent this! Click to read: Osteoporosis in Retts children is only one of many tragic complications that comes with this disease. Since the age of 1-year, EllaJo has had numerous incidents where broken bones have been indicitive of her condition, as it is with every Retts child -- and it is indeed, every parents nightmare when dealing with a child suffering from Retts Syndorme. As a result of her last incident during a bath, EllaJo slipped out of loving hands and that placed her in the hospital with a Halo. And, as a result of that accident, an inappropriate decision to notify the State authorities, and subsequently placing EllaJo into the foster care system has occurred due to institutions, facilities and doctors/nurses/staff not fully understanding the dynamics of Retts Syndrome and how it has traumatzed EllsJo and her families lives."

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